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I’m vowing to get my camera out more. To actually take it with me when I leave the house. I have thousands hundreds of iPhone photos but they’re all snapshots. I want more moments. I think those only come with not treating my Nikon like Bertha in the attic. And I want photos of more than just E. I want to remember our life, where we went (even if it mostly consists of the inside of Trader Joe’s) and what surrounded us along the way. Photos of Brandon and me and our friends so that in ten years we can act appalled at our (then-) outdated hair styles (because right now we look really, really cool).

This is my middle-of-the-year resolution.

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It’s baaaaaaaaaaack!

This was the best I could do, guys. My toddler is a super slippery sea monster from the swamp lands when it comes to photos these days.

BUT do you see that miracle of enamel protruding from where there once was a hole?

The tooth fairy’s attempt to take what was not rightfully hers FAILED. The tooth has returned!

We and the powers that be (meaning the pediatric dentists) can explain this phenomenon only as a miracle. Okay not really. What we thought had been a tooth-knocked-clean-out situation was really a tooth-knocked-clean-UP situation.

My skin is crawwwwwwwling as I write that. The pain of that, to me, would be significantly worse than having a tooth come out. Knock out all my teeth before you punch them back up into my gums, please.

Elliot, you’re one tough kid.

In conclusion, the tooth was knocked up into his gum line and is now being pushed back down, where it hopefully will remain, as the dentist said it is completely intact and healthy. There is concern about any damage it did to his adult tooth, but we won’t know what we can do about that until it appears in six or seven years.

It may be coming down a little crooked, but I’ll take a little crooked over a gaping hole. Woot!

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