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My post ran a day early over at Scottsdale Moms Blog — be sure to check it out (*toots own horn) for it is a good one!

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Husband shot these for my Belly Diaries post coming up on Saturday and I couldn’t wait until then to post them. Plus, I wanted to post all of them because this is my blog and I can photo dump if I want to.

We’re in the home stretch, folks. Here’s to an uneventful eight weeks.

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I am cracking up over Elliot’s moob hanging over the table in this photograph. It kills me.

What also kills me:

How chubba-dub-dub Elliot used to be. Yum.

In other news, I hate being pregnant but I know it ends in babies and I love babies so I’d rather talk about babies than being pregnant. And I plan on being pregnant for the next ten years so let’s just keep talking about babies to keep my mind off being pregnant.

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