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Click here for a good time.


And here’s the one before that because for some reason I wasn’t 100% on my game and didn’t linky link to it when it came out last month. I would blame the new baby for my forgetfulness but it’s probably more accurate to blame Netflix for having all the seasons of Lost. I haven’t seen the sun in months.


In other news, Scottsdale Moms Blog has taken me on as a full contributor for 2013! I’m a real adult now. Let me tell you, I did not think I would be into this at first. Mommy bloggers are so White America — at least that’s what I thought. Silly me for giving into stereotypes. The ladies that write for this blog are really fantastic. We all come from different sides of the spectrum and everyone offers a different, encouraging perspective. When it comes down to it, we’re all just trying to be The World’s Best Mom, and that is a noble effort and incredibly important, no matter what you Facebook haters say. I always say (Of course I have a signature quote — I’m a famous writer! Obviously.) there would be better people in this world if there were better moms.

Here’s to deadlines and diapers and big, big dreams.

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I’m back at it on Scottsdale Moms Blog today. Ch-ch-check it out.

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My last post before Oscar is due is up today at Scottsdale Moms Blog. Read all about it.

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My post ran a day early over at Scottsdale Moms Blog — be sure to check it out (*toots own horn) for it is a good one!

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Husband shot these for my Belly Diaries post coming up on Saturday and I couldn’t wait until then to post them. Plus, I wanted to post all of them because this is my blog and I can photo dump if I want to.

We’re in the home stretch, folks. Here’s to an uneventful eight weeks.

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Belly Diaries: 28 weeks.

I also write for Scottsdale Moms Blog.

Read my latest post, if you’d like.

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I want to be a guest blogger when I grow up.

The latest installment of my Belly Diaries series is up on Scottsdale Moms Blog. If you missed it, here’s the second post and the first post.

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