Dream big.

I need to dream bigger.

I’m so afraid of wanting stuff. Of wanting more than I’ve already been (graciously) given. Because then I’m asking too much. Then I’m not content. But that’s the thing — I am content.

But I’m allowed to dream. I’m allowed to want stuff. And I don’t just mean stuff stuff, I mean real life stuff. Like a house on two acres. Room for my boys to run and ride their trikes that will eventually become bikes. Space at a table on a a deck outside for the friends that we have yet to make, that I want to make. A van swagger wagon to safely transport the ten boys I dream of having. A revolving door of ministry coming in and out of my home and my family. I know I’m young yet — it will come.

And that’s pretty much it.

So I’ve started praying for those things. I pray for two acres and a van. Because God does crazy stuff. One time, we didn’t have a car, literally didn’t have a car, and I prayed that God would give us one. I told Him that I didn’t want to pay for one and HE GAVE US A CAR. So why wouldn’t He give us two acres?

And since we’re doing this asking-for-what-we-want thing, I’d also like a peanut butter yogurt with oreos RIGHT NOW.

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