Important days of importance.

We celebrated Husband’s birthday yesterday. We are really glad he was born, but mostly we are glad that we had a reason to eat cake.

Today is our anniversary. Three solid years of marriage, folks. Here’s to everyone who told us we wouldn’t make it. Suckers!

I was going to be super cute and get three helium balloons and tie these photos onto the ends for Husband to wake up to, but who has time to buy helium balloons when you’re busy playing Settlers of Catan and drinking non-alcoholic beer and eating buckets of cookies with your best friends at midnight the night before? Not me, sir, not me. Planning in advance has never been, like, my thing.

I wasn’t going to let a shortage of gaseous chemicals impede my cuteness, though. After Elliot jumped on Husband’s face — “Good morning!” — I presented him with the photos, each representing my favorite memory from every year since we said “I do.”

The first is from our honeymoon, which is just a fancy word for road trip. We stuffed our van with everything we owned and drove 1,100 miles to our new home in Washington. We took our time, just two kids in love, 200 cigarettes, and not an inkling of thought toward time or its boundaries. It was glorious.

Thanks for the adventure, Husband.

The second is from the day our son was born. Duh. If ever there was a reason for living, man, this kid is it.

Thanks for creating life with me, Husband, and sticking around to be the most admirable father a kid could ask for.

The third is from last August when we spent three weeks in northern California, all expenses paid, for Husband’s job training after he got the promotion we had been praying for for one hundred years. He would work 8 to 5 Monday through Friday while E and I would walk around the nearby parks and shopping centers or watch old movies in our hotel room, and after 5 we’d go out to dinner (for free!) and on weekends we’d drive up to San Francisco (for free!). An extended vacation could not have come at a better time for our little family.

Thanks for being a genius, Husband. I can’t wait to collect more years and more babies with you.

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